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Dental Crowns & Bridges

V Family Dentistry - Dental Crows & Bridges

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Teeth that are cracked or damaged, or  those that have been replaced entirely with a dental implant, benefit  from the placement of dental crowns.  A crown is a tooth-colored cap that is placed over a damaged tooth or a  dental implant. It provides strength to damaged teeth and gives an  implant the full function of a natural tooth. Crowns also look and feel  just like your natural teeth. If you’re missing a couple of teeth in a row, Dr. Vi Hoang may suggest a tooth bridge.  A bridge is used to essentially “bridge” a gap caused by missing teeth.  The bridge is attached to crowns placed on either side of the gap, and  false teeth sit in place of missing teeth, giving you a complete smile  that functions great. Sometimes teeth crack below the gum line. If this happens, we may  need to perform crown lengthening, which is a surgical procedure where  we reshape your gums and expose the damage. This allows us to place a  new restoration and cover the damage.