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V Family Dentistry - Emergencies


Is tooth pain making it difficult for you to focus at work? Did your child recently suffer trauma to the mouth during sports? While dental  emergencies are not always predictable, your dental care treatments can be. At V Family Dentistry, we offer emergency dental care to the  families of Houston, TX. Whether you have a sudden toothache or unfortunate  smile injury, Dr. Vi Hoang in Houston will greet you with prompt, caring and  professional care. Our office is equipped to treat all aspects of your  smile at any stage of life. With our expertise in restorative and  cosmetic dentistry, you can trust that your dental emergency can be addressed with emphasis on both functional restoration and aesthetic  improvement. We want our patients to call us immediately if they have any type of dental pain or experience the following:  


    Dislodged Tooth

    Broken or Chipped Tooth

    Filling or Crown Loss

    Uncontrolled Gum Bleeding


Come visit us at V Family Dentistry in Houston with Vi Hoang the Dentist in Houston!